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Dr. William Woodworth, Raweno:kwas
Dr. William Woodworth, Raweno:kwas is the Founder and Director of the Beacon to the Ancestors Foundation. The vision to recover the sacred land in Toronto and to renew the ancient welcoming ceremonies of his Hotinonshon:ni [Iroquois] ancestors was inspired by his years assisting the great Cayuga Chief and a traditional Hotinonshon:ni teacher Jacob Ezra Thomas of Six Nations of the Grand River between 1995 and 1998.

William Woodworth was born in 1946. His mother [nee Elliot] was a member of the Lower Mohawk Band of the Six Nations of the Grand River near Brantford, Ontario. His father was descended from twelve generations of the Woodworth family who migrated to Massachusetts in 1637. The Woodworths shared the Mohawk Valley of his Mohawk ancestors in upstate New York until the American revolution when both sides dispersed. His mother's family moved to Detroit, Michigan to escape the Canadian residential school system at Six Nations. He was born in Michigan where his parents met, and is a member of the Six Nations community today. He emigrated to Canada in 1970, and holds triple citizenship today.

Following his graduation with a professional Architectural Degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1970, he has been practicing architecture and teaching in Toronto with projects in southern Ontario and Quebec. On sabbatical between 1993 and 2001, he taught at Lawrence University in Michigan and studied toward a Doctorate in Traditional Knowledge at the California Institute of the Integral Studies in San Francisco under Dr. Apela Colorado, an Oneida Elder. After receiving his Doctorate in 2001, he has continued his architectural practice as a Mohawk traditionalist, consulting with Iroquoian archaeologists, and giving occasional lectures. He lives in Toronto, and finds home at Six Nations of the Grand River.

"When the Stars revolve about the North Pole, they are longing for our growing consciousness"
Jeleuddin Rumi 13th c. Sufi poet